SAVIO has been dealing with air treatment, gas and biogas transportation ever since it was founded in 1945. 
Initially the production was simply focused on industrial fans and later on turned into more complex products as multistage biogas blowers and more complex systems like filtering systems, de-dusting systems, wind tunnels. 
The factory is located in Italy and occupies a covered production area of 5,000 square meters, and an open area of 5,000 square meters for the deposit of materials and semi-finished goods as well as 600 square meters dedicated to the technical and commercial offices. 
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The technical office is able to provide customized solutions following the client’s requirements using specific tools for designing, calculations, blower selection,  3D design and, through the cooperation with several international universities, CFD, FEM and prototyping.
The production line follows the highest European quality standards helped by specific machines and tools for cutting, turning bending, punching, milling all types of steel and aluminum.
The long experience in biogas applications allowed the production to develop very reliable and high technology blowers.
All Savio products are totally designed and manufactured in the full respect of a long environmental tradition. 

Savio srl

Industrial Fans & Multistage Blowers

Via Reggio Calabria, 13
10098 Rivoli
Città Metropolitana di Torino
Tel. +39 11 959 16 01
Tel. +39 11 959 29 62

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