PROGECO deals with the design, manufacture, supply and installation of equipment and systems for combustion, treatment and utilization of biogas from Anaerobic Digestions (e.g. WWTP, food &drink industry, Organic waste plants) and Syngas from biomass plants. Officially established in 2000, before that year PROGECO was the brand name for all the products offered on the same markets by the mother company CONVECO Srl, already active since 1990 in the biogas sector.


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The goal of the Company is to provide its Customers with the best technology available for the required tasks through the use of innovative and cost-effective design. The wide range of available products features different types of combustion units (open flares, enclosed flares, high temperature flares, syngas flares), gas treatment (gravel and ceramic filters, condensate traps, drying units, H2S removal units) and ancillaries for digesters (sludge heat exchangers, manholes, ATEX flame arresters, breathing valves and digester domes).


Progeco s.r.l. 

Via Valenca 50/52
25030 - Castrezzato (BS)
Telefono: +39 030 3662 711
Fax: +39 030 3662 769


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